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ZIA SODA is designed to be a special treat. Actual roots, nuts and juices brewed with real cane sugar.


A delicious root beer with an exceptional flavor. Sweetened perfectly with cane sugar, a hint of anise, a pinch of licorice, a smidgen of mint, and a generous helping of clove. Add a dash of roasted barley malt, Yucca root, and a sprinkle of Madagascar bourbon vanilla -  all together creating an memorable root beer experience for your palate.


Kola nuts blended and brewed with pińon nuts harvested from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. Sugar content on the lower end with only 23 grams of real cane sugar. Combined with lime juice, vanilla and cinnamon makes for a unique iconic and refreshing offering indigenous to the American SouthWest. 


Nopal cactus pad with fresh-pressed prickly pears creates an enjoyable experience iconic to the American SouthWest. 


ZIA Sandia combines fresh watermelon with mint and lime juice. Our lowest sugar offering with only 21 grams of real cane sugar per bottle. Uniquely refreshing and delicious!


ZIA Ginger Ale combines a balanced amount of carbonated water, fresh pressed ginger root, a dash of cane sugar, a splash of lime and lemon juice, and Zia's signature red chile - all creating a delightful combination of smooth, and spicy with every drink.

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